We are here to serve you.

Our pastoral team is passionate about seeing you grow in your faith and capacity for mission in the Kingdom of God. We are committed to connecting and serving your family in any way we can.

We will see every community experiencing God.

We are a God-centered church.

We let God inform and empower everything we do. Whether it’s through our Sunday morning services or our community-driven grant program, Promise Church exists to foreshadow what it looks like when the kingdom of God is fully realized here on Earth. We want to empower you and your family to live a life that does the same.

We are a community-focused church.

Humanity was created to be in community. This world is a challenging place to live and even more so if you try to do it on your own. Promise Church is a community that truly cares about you and your family and is ready to stand with you through all seasons.

If a church community isn’t what you are looking for, Promise Church is still committed to serving you as a member of our local community in Bradford, through our programs and grants, with no strings attached. We are committed to walking alongside you and meeting your needs.

We are a growing church.

Promise Church loves to inspire growth in both church size and spiritual development. There are tons of opportunities in this community for you to lead and learn. Regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey, Promise Church is here to see you grow.

Experiential Discipleship is the heartbeat of Promise Church.

What is Experiential Discipleship?

Without discipleship the church dies. God forms each of us into the image of Jesus, through the active work of the Holy Spirit and the community of the church. We are like clay, being shaped by a potter, and just like clay our formational experience of discipleship is cyclical. Scripture gives us a clear historic window into the five-step process God uses to shape us into the image of Jesus. This process of discipleship is represented by the five sections of our logo. They are, promise, trust, follow, question and mission. 

God reveals himself through promisesYou learn about God by observing His  faithful fulfilment of these promises. Not all of God’s promises are fulfilled yet. God has promised to live with humanity, and to make all things right and He will do this through the power and sacrifice of Jesus.

When you respond to God’s promise with trust, you invite Him to transform your life. God then works in your life to make all things right.

When you choose to follow God, He reveals the broken things in your life that pull you away from what is good. Allowing God to work leads to spiritual formation and greater health.

You have questions and assumptions about God. These questions are not only healthy, they are a crucial part of your spiritual development. Questioning is where you learn who God is and what His plans are. As you continue to ask questions, God will reveal more of Himself. Promise Church is a safe community to explore your questions.

The mission of God is where you discover your role in what He is doing. Your purpose in life becomes greater than your own happiness and comfort. It involves a new promise, one of partnership with God on His mission.

We empower you to foreshadow the fulfilment of God's promises.

What does that mean?

The church is called to foreshadow the fulfilment of God’s promises. God has made many promises to humanity, but two of the biggest ones are to live with us, and to make all things right. God is going to succeed in fulfilling these promises and He is inviting and empowering us to join with Him by foreshadowing, in the present, what it looks like when these promises are fulfilled in their entirety.

The future-oriented phrasing reminds us that God is not done yet and we still have something to look forward to! In a dark world, there is still hope and God’s promises are the anchor and compass around which we find rest and direction.

We commit to teach you and give you opportunities to partner with God’s mission. We commit to encourage and strengthen your pursuit of God. We commit to empower you to participate fully in all this church has to offer. Join us on Sunday at 11:15 AM to get started.

We are affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

Promise Church is proud to be a part of  the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. For more information on our fundamental beliefs, please visit their website.