Promise Kids is a place where your children will grow spiritually.

Ages 0-3 | This is what you can expect...

1. A fun, safe and clean private nursery.

Our nursery is packed with toys and activities for your toddlers to safely enjoy.

2. Well-trained caregivers.

Our caregivers are police-checked and trained to take care of your children.

Ages 4-11 | This is what you can expect...

1. An interactive video curriculum.

Our video lessons are interactive, entertaining and thought-provoking.

2. Passionate and competent leaders.

Our leaders are police-checked and trained to take care of your children.

3. Crafts.

Crafts help your kids creatively engage with the interactive lessons.

4. Games!

Having fun is a great way to make the lesson come alive.

Questions you may have...

Our nursery is to the left of our “ Welcome Centre” when you walk in from the side doors. Please feel free to ask anyone with a blue shirt and nametag for directions.

Our nursery is open all service.

We believe it is important to have families together for the worship time in our service. Shortly after our musical worship and announcements, your children will be dismissed during a mid-service break.

Your children will be checked-in before the beginning of service and will be dismissed during our mid-service break following worship and announcements.

Absolutely! We actually want your kids to be present during the worship time in our service. After worship, your kids can enjoy their own program, but if you or your children would be more comfortable to stay for the rest of our main service, that’s not a problem.

Promise Church invests in your children's spiritual development.

Wednesdays, September 28-May 24, 2023

6:30-8:00 PM

2940 10 Sideroad, Bradford, ON

Awana Bradford (Preschool-Grade 6)

Learn about God, play and sing. Awana’s mission is to empower the local church with biblical, relevant and easy-to-use discipleship programs.

Getting your children registered in Awana is vital for building their spiritual foundation. We are currently accepting new registrations.

Sunday Mornings

9:45-10:45 AM

66 Barrie St. (Nursery)

"The Ology" Bible Study (All Kids)

Our children need to know what we believe, and that responsibility, according to God, is carried by the community and the family (Deuteronomy 6).

Promise Church desires to teach meaningful and deep theological topics that will help your children learn more about who God is and what He is doing. The class involves games, discussions and teaching directed at children. This iteration will focus on New Testament theology.