What's happening at Promise Church?


Sunday Mornings

9:45-10:45 AM

66 Barrie St. Bradford, ON (Basement)

Sunday Morning Bible Study (All Ages)

New Study: “The Study of Heaven” beginning May 19!

Much speculation exists about Heaven, often derived from accounts in books and movies by individuals claiming to have visited. However, the reliability of such sources is questionable. The Bible remains the sole trustworthy reference on this topic. In this class, we’ll explore the Biblical perspective on Heaven. The early church was eager about Heaven, viewing death as a desired transition to it. Today, our anticipation may pale in comparison, but contemplating Heaven’s true joy can reignite our excitement.

Sunday Mornings

9:45-10:45 AM

66 Barrie St. Bradford, ON

"The Ology" Bible Study (For Kids)

Our children need to know what we believe, and that responsibility, according to God, is carried by the community and the family (Deuteronomy 6).

Promise Church desires to teach meaningful and deep theological topics that will help your children learn more about who God is and what He is doing. The class involves games, discussions and teaching directed at children. This iteration will focus on New Testament theology.

Sunday Evenings

7:00-8:30 PM

66 Barrie St. Bradford, ON

PY (Grades 6-12)!

Your faith is your own! At PY (Promise Youth) we know how challenging it is to grasp what it means to be a Christian. Your faith matters and sometimes it doesn’t make a lot of sense. PY is the place where you and your friends can enjoy good company, fun games and be real with your faith.

Wednesday Evenings

7:30 PM

66 Barrie St. Bradford, ON

Weekly Prayer Service

Promise Church is a praying church. Come experience the awesome presence of God at our midweek. Silent participation is welcome.

Join us as we worship, give thanks, wait on God’s leading and pray for the needs of our community. Help us learn how to pray for our mission into our community and beyond.

Wednesdays, September 28-May 24, 2023

6:30-8:00 PM

2940 10 Sideroad, Bradford, ON

Awana Bradford (Preschool-Grade 6)

Learn about God, play and sing. Awana’s mission is to empower the local church with biblical, relevant and easy-to-use discipleship programs.

Getting your children registered in Awana is vital for building their spiritual foundation. We are currently accepting new registrations.

Sunday, May 19

1:00 PM

66 Barrie St. Bradford

Forum Potluck

Every few months we host a potluck following one of our Forum Sunday Services. We value community and are excited to create a space where we can share a meal together.

Please bring enough food for your family and one friend!

May 2024

Sunday, May 5

66 Barrie St. Bradford, ON

Street Meat & Greet Sign Up Begins!

It’s that time of year again! Hosting barbecues on our streets pushes against the breakdown of community in our world. by bringing people together and introducing them to their neighbours we foreshadow the fulfilment of God’s promises. God will make all things right and live with us in strong community.

Our goal is to host a barbecue every weekend of the summer beginning in July. Sign up will take place at church during our Sunday morning services every week of May!


Bond Head & Dreamfield, Bradford

Adopt-A-Street 2024

The goal of 2024’s Adopt-A-Street campaign is to pray into the area’s of Bradford that God is calling us to minister to. As we begin positioning ourselves to grow as a church, through church planting, we know that God is going ahead of us and preparing the way. The process is simple:

Commit by receiving your 2024 Adopt-A-Street booklet.

Adopt a street.

Pray for your street using the prompts in the booklet.

Booklets will be delivered to you directly.