Join us at Fermanagh Farms at 10:30AM every Sunday!

Should you come?

In an effort to begin encouraging and re-establishing the strong community we have at Promise Church, we have secured a location that will act as our temporary gathering. We will be conducting the appropriate screening process by asking you and your family a series of health and travel related questions as well as taking your temperatures. If you are experiencing any sickness of any kind, or have been in physical contact with someone who may have COVID-19, we ask that you would please stay home.

Please come prepared according to the weather as most of our accommodation is outside on the grass (umbrellas, chairs, blankets, etc.)

What can you expect?

You can still expect a great community gathered to celebrate God. We will continue to worship, talk, and enjoy the company of each other (socially distanced) at a time where the need for community is paramount. Promise Church is committed to the safety of all those who have decided to join us on Sunday morning at the farm. Because of this you can expect the following:

  • Bathroom availability FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY.
  • A directional layout to safely navigate the available space.
  • Strict rules on cleaning and maintaining safe distances from others.
What if you don’t feel safe to come?

That is completely okay! We are committed to serving our community in any way that we can. In order to accommodate both those who are comfortable joining us, as well as those who would rather stay home, we will still be streaming our service every week to both the farm and your home. If you are ready for some community but would prefer to keep your gathering small, feel free to invite another family to join you at home! If you choose to stay at home, please join us on Slack by filling out the form at the bottom of the yellow “Get Connected” tab on our Community Portal.

Worship Music

Our Sunday morning services focus on experiencing the amazing presence of God. One of the ways in which we do this is through the reflective, celebratory, and spontaneous practice of music.


Our teaching encourages you to explore the greatness and faithfulness of God, and to learn about out how God is leading us in our lives individually and as a community.

Spiritual Practices

We highlight the importance of practicing your faith through moments of silence, prayer, communion, and scripture reading.

Dress Code

We don’t have a dress code! Please feel free to wear whatever you are comfortable with.

Promise Kids (Infants to Grade 6)

Here at Promise Church we place a huge value on the spiritual development of your children. Due to current circumstances and government restrictions on gathering, Promise Church needs to ensure that your children remain safe. At the moment, our children’s program has been temporarily limited to an online message and weekly activity presented after worship every Sunday morning during our televised service.


In order to help you get connected at Promise Church, we have provided you with some helpful links! The first one is a link to our Community Portal. This is what we use to help you engage with our weekly services. From it you can ask questions, read notes and texts related to the messages, give, find out details about upcoming events, and much more! This Community Portal is accessible not only on your phone and computer, but also on every table, at every table in our Sunday Morning services available for you to use!

If you are looking for ways to get involved in our church, please follow the link to our Community Portal and fill out the yellow “Get Connected” section at the top of the page, or talk to one of our pastors directly. This will help us get you plugged in to our growing community.


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